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Last week HETEL Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea hosted in Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa (Zarautz) the meeting of eVET4AI Erasmus project partners (ITKAM, Confindustria Veneto - SIAV, HETEL, ECOLE, Cooperation Bancaire pour L´Europe (BE), Qualifizierungszentrum Region Riesa GmbH (DE)).

The EVET4AI project aims to provide new digital tools to trainers active in mechanical training courses in the development of new digital skills and confidence in the use of new teaching methodologies.

During the meeting, we discussed about the 2 approaches followed by the project: Artificial Intelligence applied to training, focused on how artificial intelligence can improve training provision, follow up and guidance, and training for Artificial Intelligence, about which are the main technologies applied in the metalworking sector, how they are applied, the purpose and the competences necessary to do it.

In the next months, the first training materials will be available in the project platform, accessible in:


In-Di is an Eramus+ KA2 project aimed to work, from different perspectives, on how to support students´ wellbeing in vocational schools to keep them engaged and motivated with learning. During our meeting in Turin (Italy), we have created a questionnaire to collect feedback from students to help us how to help them, gathering results about how to support them with stress management, how can we improve the school and class atmosphere or how can we support them from an academic and emotional point of view.

HETEL, counting with the cooperation of its associated school, Ángeles Custodios, will host the next project meeting at the end of September in Bilbao.

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The new academic year is starting strong in the international department. And never better said, as we have a new member, Aitor Ruiz, who will work hand in hand with Tamara Rodriguez to accomplish all challenges set in this field.

Besides, 6 students, start next week their apprenticeships abroad, destination: Italy!

We are also retaking international projects after holidays. On-line meetings within the projects Build@Home, DigiSchool, e-VET4AI and DualEco to take over work on topics such as internationalisation at home, digital competences for teachers, artificial intelligence in VET and cooperation between companies and VET schools, respectively. Next week, we will host our first international visit of the year in Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa, receiving our partners in the e-VET4AI project.

Internationalisation in HETEL resumes its trip, keep track on our steps through our Website and social networks!


ViMo in VET is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which started at the end of 2019 to exchange good practices among schools from Italy, Denmark, Basque Country, France and Serbia on the applications of virtual cooperation for internationalisation. With the aim to learn from each other in this field, we had foreseen several study visits to the different partners but with the covid pandemic we had to limit our work together to the on-line world.

On one hand, this has brought some good opportunities to experience by ourselves how an international exchange is also possible just working on-line, brining benefits different to physical mobility. On the other hand, we´ve also missed the added value that personal interaction brings to networking and the reinforcement of our connections.

But these days on May we´ve finally been able to meet each other in Denmark, for some of us for the first time, which has helped to gain better knowledge from each other, in particular from our Danish partner, Roskilde Business College, which has shared with us their expertise in the application of Virtual Reality for learning, with the collaboration of the Danish Centre for Digital Knowledge. HETEL´s international coordinator, Tati and Antonio from Sopeña Bilbao and Xabi Ametzazurra from Maristak Durango have shared a wonderful learning experience and bring some useful ideas to adapt to our own reality. In October, it will be HETEL´s turn to receive our partners in the Basque Country. We´re looking forward to it!

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