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ViMo in VET is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which started at the end of 2019 to exchange good practices among schools from Italy, Denmark, Basque Country, France and Serbia on the applications of virtual cooperation for internationalisation. With the aim to learn from each other in this field, we had foreseen several study visits to the different partners but with the covid pandemic we had to limit our work together to the on-line world.

On one hand, this has brought some good opportunities to experience by ourselves how an international exchange is also possible just working on-line, brining benefits different to physical mobility. On the other hand, we´ve also missed the added value that personal interaction brings to networking and the reinforcement of our connections.

But these days on May we´ve finally been able to meet each other in Denmark, for some of us for the first time, which has helped to gain better knowledge from each other, in particular from our Danish partner, Roskilde Business College, which has shared with us their expertise in the application of Virtual Reality for learning, with the collaboration of the Danish Centre for Digital Knowledge. HETEL´s international coordinator, Tati and Antonio from Sopeña Bilbao and Xabi Ametzazurra from Maristak Durango have shared a wonderful learning experience and bring some useful ideas to adapt to our own reality. In October, it will be HETEL´s turn to receive our partners in the Basque Country. We´re looking forward to it!

VIMO danimarka

HETEL, together with the rest of VET networks from the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Finland and Scotland, is part of the Erasmus+ KA3 project “VET Networks of Networks. A grassroot approach”, led by the Dutch college “Onderwijsgroep Tilburg”.

The aim of the project is to improve VET quality in our colleges and their internationalisation strategy by reinforcing our collaboration within Network of Networks. This has enabled HETEL to strengthen our international strategy and our alliances at the EU level.

This week we have celebrated in Brussels the “Network of Networks VET leaders´ Conference”, an opportunity for VET leaders of the 5 networks to exchange information and interests and identify possible topics for international cooperation. During the event, we also counted with Mrs. Helène Barry, de la EACEA y Mrs. Ana Carrero, Deputy Head of Unit Vocational Education and Training – DG Employment (European Comission).

During the event, we have officially launched our 5 international working groups dedicated to vital topics for VET in Europe: sustainability, WBL, internationalisation, pedagogical and digital innovation, and entrepreneurship. We have also signed a cooperation agreement among the 5 networks as a symbolic and formal commitment to keep and increase our cooperation, present and future. Abantean!

KA3 sinadura

Last week the partners of the Erasmus+ KA2 project Growing Green could finally meet in person in Skjern (Denmark).

In a 2 days meeting we were able to exchange on our expertise and the work done in our VET colleges to promote entrepreneurship and, specifically, green entrepreneurship. We also had the opportunity to work in the development of the first project result, a toolkit to train teachers on methods, tools and processes to embed green skills and mentality in entrepreneurship subjects. Moreover, we carried out a workshop using Lego Serious Games methodology to define what circular economy is for each of our organisations and to brainstorm on possible gamification methods to deliver training in green entrepreneurship.

Next meeting will be hosted by Liceo Statale Marie Curie, in Giulianova (Italy) in November. Shortly the project website will be available too, with more information about the project and its results. Keep track of us!

Growing green

Well-being in the education system consists of responding to the needs and diversity of students, enhancing their emotional strengths and developing self-esteem, resilience, gratitude, assertiveness... in an atmosphere of tranquility, respect and mutual trust (Ángeles Custodios School, Bilbao)

This has been one of the definitions exchanged by the project partners in the In-Di project, an Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by Vysocina Education (Czech Republic), in the meeting we recently had in Jihlava.

The aim of In-Di is to work, from different perspectives, on how to support better students in vocational programmes in order to keep them engaged and motivated with learning. During the meeting we had the opportunity to exchange on ideas, methods and tools used by the participating schools to achieve this goal. Based on the mind map we created, we will define the next steps of the project in our next meeting in Turin (Italy) in May.

HETEL participates as partner in this project, counting with the cooperation of its associated school, Ángeles Custodios, due to their expertise in supporting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.





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