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   The e-MOTIVE team met in Brussels last week. Now that we are starting the final stage of the project we are starting to see good results and impact of our project:

  • We have gathered 87 references for the e-MOTIVE matrix, which means we know what students from 87 higher VET programmes, from 14 professional fields, 11 countries and 46 higher VET schools learn and are able to do when finishing their studies.
  • The e-MOTIVE methodology is almost ready and it will be available by mid-February (don´t miss it!).
  • 6 Spanish students and 7 Italian students have virtually worked together to solve a challenge proposed by their teachers: designing a wind turbine. They will present the result next week in the Basque Country!
  • The work we have been doing has been presented to several stakeholders (VET colleges, companies like Euskaltel, ICT company in the Basque Country…) and we are starting to prepare the next steps to replicate our methodology in other fields (ICT and health care) with new colleges (from Spain, Italy and Denmark).

Next steps:

  • Visit of the Italian students and teacher involved in the project to the Basque Country.
  • Elaboration of the e-MOTIVE manual, with practical tools to help you implement e-MOTIVE´s methodology.
  • Keep working on the matrix until we reach 200 references.
  • Organization of multiplier events in Spain, Italy and Belgium.

e-MOTIVE is moving forward, don´t lose track!





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