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Today has taken place, in the facilities of AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, in Boroa, the kick-off of the specialization programs in Dual VET in the fields of die-making and robotics for the automotive sector in the Basque Country, organized by HETEL and AIC. This courses are funded by Basque employment service - Lanbide and by the Vocational Department of the Basque Government.

The beginning of this course, has counted with the presence of the director of Technology and Advanced Learning of VET of the Basque Government, Rikar Lamadrid; of Julen Elgeta, president of HETEL and of Aitor Ruiz, Director of Knowledge Management of AIC / ACICAE, and also, with the participating companies and VET teachers and students. The acts concluded with a visit to AIC´s facilities, where the in lightening, advanced manufacturing and virtual vehicle development centres or the GTI-Gestamp Technology Institute itself, are located. These facilities suppose an unbeatable setting for this initiative, since the students will have the opportunity to work in a real world environment, adapted in a didactical way to benefit their learning process.

Specifically, on the one hand, the course “Design and Manufacture of dies for the production of a metal piece” (die-making) has been started, where the students will alternate their apprenticeship in companies with their learning in AIC and GTI. 18 students start this course, in which companies such as Matrici, Garita, Batz, Cie Automotive, Irudi or Gestamp participate.

On the other hand, it has also been the opening of the course of “Management of means of production in highly automated industry” (robotics), where students will combine their training in companies with training in AIC. 12 students participate in this program, along with companies such as Robot Inser, Irudi, Ingemat, Dibal, RPK, Pierburg, Inauxa, Cikautxo, PMG and Nemak.

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