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Once again, the European partners from the UK, Germany, Italy and the Basque Country met to discuss at Dekra in Berlin. This time around, there was some significant progress in AUTO 4.0 erasmus + project, with some tangible outputs from the 2 days of discussions.

The partners opened by discussing the 19 job profiles which had been generated by and develop one job profile, which was a combination of six ‘operational’ profiles and one ‘data management’ profile: the new ‘Automotive Digital Mechatronic X.0’ profile.

Next, the partners discussed which new IR4 competencies this job profile should contain, and developed a list of generic and specific competencies. This was an important step, as it was the logical approach following the 19 profiles. To finish, the partners developed a 4-step approach for teaching the students.

Next steps for the Erasmus team is to fine-tune the ‘Automotive Digital Mechatronic X.0’ job profile, and then to finalise a teaching template to be used by each partner for developing the teaching material.

Overall, this was an action-packed international meeting, with great progress. Lastly, all partners offer a special thanks to Malte and to Dekra for hosting this meeting.

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