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   Vocational education also offers students international experiences. On the 4th of May, HETEL presented, together with Euskaltel Konekta Foundation, the Erasmus+ project e-MOTIVE to show this reality to 80 students in upper secondary education.

   The project is an international experience implemented on a higher VET programme on mechanical manufacturing design where students and teachers from VET centres associated to HETEL (La Salle Berrozpe and Egibide) and from an Italian VET college have worked together to design, solve, present and evaluate a given challenge in this field (the design of a wind turbine).

  The process followed during the project is gathered in e-MOTIVE methodology. With it, HETEL has aimed to show that internationalization does not necessarily involve physical mobility and working in an international context is possible also from one´s school.

   You can access more information on the project in these links:

   Entre el 7 y el 10 de mayo once profesores del equipo de comunicación de HETEL visitaron Dundee (Escocia) para conocer buenas prácticas en diferentes ámbitos, principalmente relacionados con la relación con las empresas y el marketing y la comunicación. En la visita han participado los centros Egibide, La Salle Berrozpe, San Viator, Maristak, Goierri, centro formativo Otxarkoaga, Zulaibar, Nazaret zentroa, Lea Artibai y Zabalburu.

    El programa de la visita ha sido muy intenso, en el centro Dundee hemos podido conocer diferentes iniciativas relacionadas con la captación de clientes así como diferentes proyectos en los que participa el centro. Además, se han mantenido encuentros con empresas, con la cámara de comercio, con los responsables del nuevo sistema de FP Dual SDS (Skills Development Scotland) y se ha visitado una incubadora de proyectos empresariales.

   La visita se valora muy positivamente y esperamos poder implantar en alguno de nuestros centros las ideas recogidas en esta visita. ¡Gracias por vuestra acogida! 


   The first stage in the implementation of LAIT 4.0. is training VET teachers in those technologies related to industry 4.0. so they will be able to recognise them, know their applications in companies and be aware of their interrelation.

   Our partner IK4 Tekniker will provide a training course to 20 teachers from Scotland, Lithuania, Italy, the Netherlands and the Basque Country to update their knowledge and skills related to industry 4.0. so they will be able to pass this to their learners but also to provide added value services to companies.

   The course will have a duration of 35 hours and will take place between the 8th and 12th of May in IK4 Tekniker´s facilities in Eibar. During these days, the attendants will learn in a practical and experimental way about aditive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, Internet of things platforms, big data and implementation of technological check-ups in companies. The programme and expected learning outcomes of the course is available in this link:

LAIT 4.0 Contents of industry 4.0 course



       As part of EMPLOVET, project co financed by the Erasmus + programme, HETEL is hosting this week a group of 9 VET teachers from Romania, Macedonia and Turkey.

      The aim of the visit is to receive a short training in methodologies and support offered by HETEL VET schools to students so they will be better prepared to access the labour market.

      During 5 days, the teachers visiting us will learn about the VET system in the Basque Country, cooperative learning, ETHAZI (high performance learning methodology implemented in some VET schools), entrepreneurship projects and career guidance, counting with the training provided by Egibide, Maristak Durango, Centro de Formación Somorrostro and Nazaret Zentroa.

To learn more about EMPLOVET you can visit our Website:





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