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           Since October 2015 HETEL is working in the project INCLUSIVE VET, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, with the aim to build a VET system more inclusive for everyone, paying particular attention to those students with special needs for learning due to different reasons.

        For the results of the project, we are counting a lot with Otxarkoaga, due to their expertise and involvement to create a more inclusive society starting with the delivery of education and vocational training to those who have it more difficult to build a future for themselves.

          In the successive meetings of INCLUSIVE VET, the partners have been exchanging our good practices in different topics related to inclusive education. The last one, in Porvoo (Finland), about engagement with local agents.

           All these good practices and examples will be found in the Guideline “'How to implement Inclusion in school and its environment”, which is being prepared by the project partners to provide a step by step plan to build a more inclusive vocational system.

        Follow the project website to be updated!



         One of the  motives  that  incentives Hetel’s activity is the commitment to society and economic development  of the Basque Country. In this sense, in order to improve the attention to the unemployed people and to the SMEs from Euskadi, Hetel enplegua service has been structured and Pedro Sanchez, from Centro Formativo Otxarkoaga, will be in charge.

            Hetel ‘s 20 centers will join efforts in trying to improve the employability and opportunities for the youth and people at risk of exclusion. At the same time, Hetel will work in coordination with SMEs, in an attempt to optimize qualified personnel’s requests.





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