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Last week the SIMPLE team met in Elazig (Turkey) as part of the exchange of practices we have been carrying out to compare how migrants are received, assisted and integrated in the partner countries (Germany, Spain, Turkey, Sweden and Slovenia).

To do so, we visited Elazig vocational school and we had the opportunity to meet with 2 students, from Afghanistan and Iraq, who shared their story with us. Furthermore, we were also received by the Education Department from Elazig, where we were told about how the public authorities assist migrants so they will feel welcome and part of the Turkish society.

During the meeting we had the chance to wrap up what we have learnt during the project until now and to discuss about possible next steps together, making good use of the knowledge gained with SIMPLE.


HETEL launched a competition among its associated VET schools to design the logo for CyVETsecurity European project. VET organizations from Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, the Basque Country, Estonia and Finland take part in this project coordinated by HETEL. The aim of the project is to increase the awareness of digital perils and the necessity of information and data protection across all kinds of professionals, using the training materials developed within the project.

In the first place, we want to thank the participation of all our schools and to recognise the high quality of the received proposals.

In the second place, we congratulate Aitor Muriel, student in La Salle Berrozpe, for winning the competition. Congratulations!


New academic year and new opportunity for Diseinua international, a cooperation between HETEL and ROC Da Vinci, following e-MOTIVE´s methodology, counting once again with the support of BBK Fundazioa and Fundación Vital.

In this new edition, the HETEL´s VET schools taking part are Egibide, La Salle Berrozpe, Zulaibar and Somorrostro, together with the Dutch college ROC Da Vinci.

Students have met this week in the Basque Country and the teams are already working to solve the challenge proposed by their teachers this year: to design a machine to produce filaments to be used later on, for example for 3D printing, using plastic as raw material.

The participants in this project, apart from learning collaboratively solving a project, acquire other skills and competences, as the use of English as foreign language, working in multicultural teams, independence and self-management.

The solution of the challenge will be presented to a jury of teachers and employers in March in the Netherlands.

In HETEL, we are greatly satisfied to see that this working methodology keeps going one more year.

collage Diseinua copia

We use to link the term “entrepreneur” with a person who decides to set up his/her own company. However, nowadays the meaning of the word is much more extensive and does not necessarily refer to someone who starts business. In an industry 4.0 skills context, an entrepreneur must be understood as someone who gathers a defined set of skills, being these applied starting a business or not.

In the context of “Entrepreneurs Anonimous”, an Erasmus + project where HETEL takes part as a partner, under the coordination of Colleges Partnership from Scotland, we have identified those skills as: productivity, adaptability and creativity, based on descriptors developed by an EQF working group.

One of the challenges we want to address with this project is the need to embed this entrepreneurial set of skills in any VET curriculum, as they are essential features of industry 4.0 professionals. During our first meeting this week in Glasgow, we have started to plant the seed to do so and in the next months we will start nourishing it in order to harvest good resources to be applied in our VET colleges.





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