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VET organization´s representatives from Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Estonia and Finland are these days in Durango in the Cyvetsecurity Erasmus+ project meeting. The aim of this project is to contribute to a safer Europe, trying cybersecurity to be a transversal digital competence in all VET programmes.  

The increasing number of social networks and mobile apps, the security of the information shared and the personal data, must face frequently cyber attacks. In the business world, especially in those sectors that manage sensible data, the risk increases exponentially.

In this context, the objective of this second project meeting is to identify the learning outcomes related to cybersecurity for the different job profiles. The next step is to develop materials to acquire these competences in the VET schools during next course. More updates in the project Website:


Last week an HETEL team met at Roskilde Technical College (Denmark) with VET teachers from Norway, Finland and Denmark in order to set the basis for a coollaboration in the framework of Erasmus+ KA2 2020.

In the meeting we defined the fundaments of a European project to define the contents of a European curriculum in robotics. During our stay in Roskilde we had the opportunity to exchange very interesting ideas in this regard, as well as to visit the facilities of the Roskilde Technical College and the company Aplika.

Thank you very much for your warm welcome, it has been a very satisfactory exchange! Abantean!

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Last week teachers and students from HETEL´s Vocational Training schools La Salle Berrozpe, Egibide, Somorrostro and Zulaibar were in the Netherlands to present the project that, for 2 months and in cooperation with ROC Da Vinci college, have been designing in the framework of Diseinua International.

This year, the project consisted of the design of a plastic injection machine. The students, working in international teams (Netherlands-Basque Country) presented their projects in front of 60 people (students, teachers and companies from the Netherlands), being the presentations in English and answering to all technical questions about their work.

At the end of presentation, a ranking with the 3 projects was made, attending to various criteria (presentation, quality of plans or manufacturing possibilities).

This experience, possible thanks to the support of BBK Fundazioa and Fundación Vital, has been very enriching both for students and teachers, not only from the point of view of technical competences development but also for their personal and social development.

We are very glad to be able to keep alive this experience, which started 3 academic years ago and we hope to keep offering this opportunity to our students in the future!

Diseinua international

Last week the SIMPLE team met in Elazig (Turkey) as part of the exchange of practices we have been carrying out to compare how migrants are received, assisted and integrated in the partner countries (Germany, Spain, Turkey, Sweden and Slovenia).

To do so, we visited Elazig vocational school and we had the opportunity to meet with 2 students, from Afghanistan and Iraq, who shared their story with us. Furthermore, we were also received by the Education Department from Elazig, where we were told about how the public authorities assist migrants so they will feel welcome and part of the Turkish society.

During the meeting we had the chance to wrap up what we have learnt during the project until now and to discuss about possible next steps together, making good use of the knowledge gained with SIMPLE.





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