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This week HETEL international has met in Brussels with the EIDE partners, an Erasmus+ project which aims to reinforce entrepreneurial education of VET learners by focusing on the development of their emotional intelligence and their digital competences.

Being the starting point of the project, the discussion went over two of the four results that EIDE will produce: an on-line course divided in modules for self-learning on emotional intelligence and digital entrepreneurship and a workbook and a teacher´s guide to implement in class different activities to complement the self-learning path.

In the upcoming months we will be working in these 2 products. Keep track on us through HETEL´s Website!


DELTA is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Dundee & Angus College (Scotland) which counts with partners from Germany, Romania, Italy, Sweden and the Basque Country.

Along the first year of the project, this team developed a tool addressed to VET teachers and VET students, based on the use of Google sites, to create professional digital portfolios in order to present the VET learners´ skills and competences in a more attractive way to companies.

The second half of the project starts with this meeting in Berlin, where partners discussed about the development of a toolkit addressed to companies, to attract them to dual VET and also to improve the quality of the work based learning (WBL) provided by them, and also exchanged experiences on the use of collaborative schemes for WBL, which will be gathered in a final document with some conclusions/recommendations for policy makers, companies and VET colleges themselves.

The tool to elaborate digital portfolios and the rest of the results of the project will be accessible in the project Website:

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VET organizations from Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, the Basque Country, Estonia and Finland, coordinated by HETEL, have met these past 2 days in Tallinn to launch the CyVETsecurity project.

CyVETsecurity, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme from the European Commission, aims to increase the awareness of digital perils and the necessity of information and data protection across all kinds of professionals by developing training materials addressed to VET teachers in order to increase their own knowledge and competences (and those from their students) on cybersecurity, counting also with the collaboration of technical experts and companies.

From HETEL´s side, Maristak and Egibide VET colleges are taking part in the project, being 2 of their teachers part of the team developing the training materials and in charge of the transference of the collaborative methodology to the rest of the teachers in the project.

We have just started the project, but we came back from Tallinn with a very good feeling about what we will be able to do in the next 2 years!

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AUTO 4.0 is an Erasmus+ project aimed at identifying industry 4.0 competencies for the automotive sector at EU level, and to develop training materials for a selected set of those competencies related to specific professional profiles.

After having our kick-off meeting in Lanciano (IT) and attending a training action there to learn the methodology of technological road-mapping, this week the project partners from Italy, UK, Germany and the Basque Country have met in AIC´s facilities to compare some of the results already obtained in each country regarding competency needs from companies and to define the next steps of the project. These will include the construction of a standardised matrix to select and match the professional profiles and sets of competencies we are going to focus on and the organization of a training activity in AIC (end of March 2019) to share the results of our work and to provide participants with a methodology to take those findings for the construction of OER for training workers from the automotive sector.

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