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The INTENT project is an Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by the Department of Vocational Education of the German region North-Westphalia where HETEL participates as a partner.

The project tries to build a comprehensive approach to vocational education, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation among VET programmes in line with organizational models 4.0, where supply chains follow an interconnected structure, with more flexibility and shorter response times to the market demands.

Along 5 days of training, a group of teachers from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal and the Basque Country are learning how to develop interdisciplinary materials based on the ones already developed by the project partners.

3 teachers from HETEL´s schools participate in the training: Antonio Pinillos (Sopeña Bilbao), Maider Lizarralde (La Salle Berrozpe) and Asier Merino (Zulaibar).

INTENT diseinua copia

HETEL launched a competition among its associated VET schools to design the logo for the Erasmus+ project Dual ECOsystems. This project aims to identify local successful practices on the delivery of Dual training programs that could be exchangeable among the partners to evaluate the transferability of each good practice at a larger scale for the success of all (student/worker, companies, VET institutions). The partners for this European project are ENGIM Lombardia (IT); Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo (IT); Universita´ DEGLI Studi di Bergamo (IT); Universitate Bremen (DE); Maristak – Durango (ES); Belfast Metropolitan College (UK); and HETEL.

In the first place, we want to thank the participation of all our schools and to recognise the high quality of the received proposals.

In the second place, we congratulate Nerea Arroyo, student in Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, for winning the competition. Congratulations!

Dual ECO erasmusplus

Dual Ecosystems is an Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by ENGIM Lombardia (Italy) with the purpose to exchange good practices in the co-design and co-delivery of vocational education by companies and VET colleges.

Through different study visits, we will learn how different education organizations in different countries (Germany, Italy, Basque Country and Northern Ireland) cooperate with their socioeconomic ecosystem in order to improve the quality of VET provision. After on-line visits organised by our partners in Italy, it was the turn of the Basque Country.

Maristak and HETEL organised a virtual tour through Maristak College and shared with the partners our experience in co-designing and co-delivering specialization programmes in robotics and cybersecurity, explaining the process we followed, the learning methodology we use, and the perspective of companies and students on the positive impact of these kind of training programmes.

Dual ECO

HETEL took part in the Closing Meeting of EIDE (Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship), an Erasmus + project which brings together 7 Partners from 6 European Countries. The meeting was held in online mode due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The main objective of EIDE is to improve the opportunities for professional success of vocational students with different backgrounds developing not only their entrepreneurial skills (or knowledge), but also their emotional, social and digital skills.

During the meeting, the Partners reported all the results achieved during the 26 months of implementation providing feedbacks on the internal communication mechanisms and the overall project implementation. All the main objectives have been reached and all the contents produced are available online at

HETEL has contributed to the EIDE project in the development of all intellectual outputs, being in charge of 2 modules for the on-line course, the design of several activities to be done in class included in the Teacher´s handbook, the use of the EntreComp framework for O3 and leading the development of O4, a programme to train the trainers in emotional intelligence and digital skills, developing also part of its contents. On the other hand, HETEL has contributed to pilot activities, as part of the quality management plan and has disseminated the project inside and outside its network, implementing the dissemination plan of the project. Lastly, HETEL has also supported the project coordinator during transnational meetings with an active participation and has attended all financial and administrative requests coming from the coordinator regarding financial and technical reporting.

For further information on EIDE and HETEL initiatives:

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