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Our member Politeknika Txorierri is participating in the Erasmus+ project “NET-ENT. Networking for Entrepreneurship”, aimed to promote entrepreneurship among VET students by using different approaches, like coaching tools, the CANVAS model or multidisciplinary projects implemented among different VET programmes in schools.

One of the activities during the project is the organization and provision of a training course, addressed to VET teachers, on coaching tools and how these ones can help student’s personal and professional development.

Apart from the Txorierri´s team involved in the project, thanks to HETEL´s Erasmus+ mobility grants, other teachers from HETEL schools (Irungo La Salle and UGLE) and the coordinator of international projects in HETEL are attending this training, provided by the School of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia. The training course has finished with the presentation of each team of their own ideas to implement coaching tools in their own organizations.

Thank you to Politeknika Txorierri for the great opportunity!

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This week we have received in Bilbao our partners from the Erasmus+ project SIMPLE as occasion of our third transnational meeting.

Counting with the assistance of our associated VET schools Centro Formativo Otxarkoaga and Cooperativa Peñascal, the aim of the meeting was to learn from the different actions/methodologies these 2 VET schools use for the integration of migrants.

In Otxarkoaga, we had the opportunity to meet with the responsible of the “First Welcome” Programme and two learners from Morocco and Pakistan who participated in it when they arrived to Bilbao. Cooperativa Peñascal shared with us different actions they put in practice in order to encourage migrant students to give the best out of them, giving them an active role in their own education but also through programmes where they themselves can help others in their same situation, making them feel useful and empowered.

It was a really nice experience to learn, to share and to include in the good practices we are gathering through our project!

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The last meeting of LAIT 4.0, an Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by HETEL and with Dundee and Angus College (UK), ROC Da Vinci College (NL), KTPMC (LT), APRO Formazione (IT) and IK4 Tekniker as partners, has taken place this week in Kaunas (Lithuania).

The project started in 2016 and has been divided in 2 steps: first, the training of VET teachers on industry 4.0 and how new technologies are impacting business models, secondly the realization of technological check-ups in companies to find out their digital maturity levels and, above all, have better knowledge to cooperate with them from VET colleges in their roadmap towards a factory of the future.

Despite being the project in its last stage, the project partners have it clear that this has just started and we keep on working in different actions to offer the best training to our students to be professionals 4.0.

Resources and more information can be found in the project Website:

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After almost 2 years developing materials for VET teachers and learners of electronics, level 1-3 EQF, this week in Greece we completed the last module, done by our Greek partners, about sensors.

During the project we have produced different modules to train electronic skills related with the use of PBP to programme microcontrollers. In total, 6 modules have been produced, focusing on different peripherals such as keyboard, LCD screen, motors or sensors. The complete manual with the materials will be available soon in English, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Romanian and Portuguese in the project Website,


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