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This week we are having the final meeting of the Inclusive VET project, coordinated by ROC Leijgraaf, in Budapest.

After almost 3 years, the partners from Turkey, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and the Basque Country have been able to design, develop and pilot 2 results aimed to facilitate the implementation of inclusion in vocational education.

The first tool is a Guide, addressed specially to managers in VET schools but not exclusively, offering a step by step process of those aspects to bear in mind to build inclusion in an educational organization. The Guide is not intended to offer a “suit them all” solution, but to provide a starting point for those who would like to incorporate inclusion in their strategy.

The second tool is a “train the trainer” manual, named “All on Board”, aimed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills among the staff in an organization so the implementation of inclusion will be possible. The manual complements the guide and comes together with an example for a 5 days training programme, including theoretical background and resources to deliver the training.

In the pilot session celebrated in the Basque Country, HETEL counted with the participation of VET teachers from Centro Formativo Otxarkoaga, Zulaibar Arratiako Lanbide Ikastegia, Centro San Viator de Sopuerta, Egibide, Goierri, Escela de Química y Electrónica de Indautxu and Göteborg Technical College.

The final versions of both results will be available in the following weeks in the project Website:

The Basque teachers who attended the pilot session in the Basque Country are also attending the last meeting of the project in Budapest. Because cooperation and co-creation are Abantean values!

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After a successful experience last year with the e-MOTIVE project (, following a structured methodology for international cooperation between VET teachers and students, this academic year, thanks to the support of BBK, Fundación Vital and Kutxa, 11 students from HETEL schools (Maristak Durango, La Salle Berrozpe, Salesianos Deusto, Zulaibar and Egibide) will have the opportunity to work with Dutch students from the VET college ROC Da Vinci.

In this case, the challenge given by the teachers to the students to solve it is the design of something to reduce the volume of waste.

After a first meeting in November among the teachers to design and plan the challenge, during these 2 next weeks Dutch students have come to the Basque Country to meet the peers in their group.

After the joint presentation of the challenge to the students, these will be working partially on-line partially in person to give a satisfactory answer to the challenge.

The solution given by the students will be presented and evaluated in the Netherlands the week of the 19th of February.

The participants in this international project will develop important skills for companies, such as teamwork, English, intercultural communication, self-learning or self-management, which will help them to be better prepared for their next professional future.


HETEL International is this week in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) with the partners of SIMPLE, an Erasmus+ project to exchange good practices in the use of peer learning techniques for a better inclusion of immigrants and refugees in VET systems in Europe.

During these days in Slovenia we are having the chance to exchange the methods used in our organizations to make every person feel included, focusing especially on the support offered to migrant students. In this framework, we also got to meet people who work with our partner from Slovenia (Grm Novo Mesto) offering support to immigrant students who need extra help due to language problems or difficulties for social integration.

It has been impressive to see how so many agents are involved, many times on a voluntary basis, to work for a better society for all. We find that indeed very Abantean!

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These days HETEL International is attending the 5th transnational meeting of the EURspace project celebrated in Italy.

During the meeting, the project partners have discussed about the last steps to launch a digital platform with a methodology which will help to identify common learning outcomes within a mobility project and will make easier finding commonalities among VET curricula in Europe.

A training kit addressed to VET teachers and students about the use of ECVET as a quality assurance process to be used in a mobility project, will also be available.

Next April 2018 a training action on these topics will take place in Portugal with the attendance of 2 HETEL´s teachers.


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