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HETEL International is these days visiting the school EPRALIMA (Portugal) in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Project PBP in VET.

As in previous ocassions, the partners of the project has assessed the module produced this time by the Portuguese partner about different kind of PICs for motors connection.

Next meeting will take place in Bilbao in Salesianos Deusto, the HETEL Abantean school participating in the project.

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HETEL International is this week in Kiel (Germany) with the partners of SIMPLE, an Erasmus+ project to exchange good practices in the use of peer learning techniques for a better inclusion of immigrants and refugees in VET systems in Europe.

HETEL´s part in the project is sharing how our schools manage differentiation in class, use learner centred methodologies, work on building a good class atmosphere and explain what it the teacher´s role in all this process.

Along the 18 months project we will also learn from our partners from Germany, Slovenia, Turkey and Sweden what kind of peer learning systems they use and how can we adapt them to the reality of HETEL´s schools.

Because inclusive VET is also an ABANTEAN value!

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Some of the Global Training granted youngs managed by HETEL- Politeknika ikastegia Txorierri - Confebask - Adegi alliance will soon be heading to their destinations abroad. For this reason, they have received a training course at the Txorierri Politeknika Ikastegia, with the aim of working on some transversal skills that allow them to adapt to the new work and cultural environment. This training course is given in English.

From HETEL we wish you all a happy stay! We are sure that you will live a very enriching experience both professionally and personally. Abantean!

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Next November, the 3rd edition of the innovative initiative HETEL TECHNOLOGICAL TRIANGLES (HHTEK) will be launched during the week from 20th to 24th of November in the framework of the  European Skills Week promoted by the European Commission.

What do we mean with HETEL HIRUKI TEKNOLOGIKOAK? we are talking about triangles with 3 different agents involved: students, teachers and employers, on one hand, and, on the other hand,  these 3 agents in each school interact with another 2 vocational training schools composing the technological triangles. 3 different agents from 3 different schools, interesting ingredients that are mixed in a shaker to achieve conclusions about a subject that collects different points of view.

On this occasion, they will discuss the key values, competences and attitudes needed nowadays to afford the fast technological changes that characterise the business world and society in general.

This innovative initiative allows us to involve companies in vocational training in order to prepare better our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.   

In the HETEL Saria award ceremony, 16th of April 2018 in Bilbao – bbk hall, some of the companies involved in the technological triangles will expose their conclusion.

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