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Throughout this week, more than 300 people will debate in HETEL schools about the necessary skills to face the technological advances in the 4.0 Industry era. This action is part of the European Vocational Skills Week, which this year has as claim "Discover your talent".

In each of the 21 participating HETEL Schools, a group of three agents (students, teachers and employers) will debate, and then, they will connect by videoconference to share their reflections with two other schools, which have already performed the analysis. All these conclusions, will be collected by HETEL.

In these debates, the participants will try to answer questions such as what are the key competences people should have in a changing environment?, Can these competences be acquired in a VET School? What values ​​should be taken into account when making a new contract?. The current speed of change, specially the technological one, entails that much of the knowledge learned in the school is soon obsolete, which makes more than ever necessary a lifelong learning process, and accentuates the importance of certain transversal competences.

These debates involve companies such as Euskaltel, Ikusi, RPK, Goimek-Danobat, CIE Egaña, Jema Energy S.A (Irizar Group), Elimotor Workshops, Prasa, Noraybio, Wolco, Batz Araluce, Ekin, …


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HETEL coordinates LAIT 4.0, an Erasmus+ KA2 project aimed to transfer VET teachers knowledge, skills and competences related to industry 4.0.

After attending a course provided by IK4 TEKNIKER, the VET teachers involved in the project organised yesterday a short training event in the Goierri VET college to transfer what they leart to other VET teachers. During this event, they went through the different technologies related to industry 4.0 and how they are changing and creating new business models.

The attendants also had the opportunity to see different demos about the use of collaborative robotics, virtual reality, added manufacturing and virtual welding through augmented reality. In the afternoon they also paid a visit to IK4 TEKNIKER´s headquarters, also a partner in the LAIT 4.0 project.

In the project Website you can access all the materials related to the project and keep updated about our progress.

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This week HETEL international is in Alba (Italy) with our colleagues from LAIT 4.0, an Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by HETEL and with D&A (UK), ROC Da Vinci College (NL), KTPMC (LT), APRO Formazione (IT) and IK4 Tekniker as partners.

After a 5 days training in industry 4.0, provided in Spain by IK4 Tekniker, and a short course to transfer this knowledge to other teachers from partner organizations, the next step is to carry out technological check-ups in companies.

The methodology and template to be used will be the discussion topics in this meeting to start with the technological check ups in 2018. Afterwards, we will créate a guide for VET colleges with the steps we followed so other colleges can replicate our work.

Resources and more information can be found in the project Website:

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HETELinternational is this week in Lanciano (Italy) with the partners of the “Understanding and achieving Automotive Training Outcomes 4.0.- AUTO 4.0.” Erasmus+ project of Strategic Partnership in VET.

The main objective of this project is to anticipate the future key skills needed by the qualified workers of the automotive sector, and provide digital training materials to facilitate the online continuous training of the employees, in order to adapt to the implementation of the industry 4.0. 

In this project, HETEL and AIC- Automotive intelligence centre will cooperate to improve the qualification of the employees in their associated companies. This project has also partners from Italy, United Kingdom and Germany. Abantean! 

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