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e-MOTIVE project has been the international version of HETEL´s inter schools Diseinua project, in which, IFOA´s Italian students, in collaboration with Basque students from Egibide (Vitoria) and La Salle Berrozpe (Andoain) schools, have worked together to solve a challenge, in this case the design of a wind turbine.

The Project partners, HETEL, EfVET and IFOA, have met in Bilbao this week to assess the objectives achieved by the project. HETEL will carry on next course with the international version of Diseinua project, even if we don´t have any grants from Erasmus+. We will keep with this project because we consider it is very rewarding for the students and teachers takin part in it, as the principal actors describe in this video . We will also implement the European version of SHARE project (similar project to e-MOTIVE but in the ICT area)…abantean!

More information in the Project website:

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In the framework of the PBP in VET project (Teaching and learning microcontrollers via PicBasicPro (PBP) in VET), we are visiting the VET school Liceul Tehnologic Grigori Moisil, in Romania.

Itziar Regidor, teacher in Salesianos Deusto, is accompanying us in this adventure for the development of training materials addressed to students in studying electronics and microcontrolling.

Thanks to our Romanian partners for their hospitality!

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HETEL coordinates LAIT 4.0, an Erasmus + KA2 project to update the knowledge, skills and competences of VET teachers related to industry 4.0

After attending a course provided by IK4 Tekniker in Eibar, the teachers have ahead the challenge of transferring this new abilities to their colleagues and to their own lessons, in order to better prepare students to become workers of factories of the future.

During the meeting in Dundee, we are having a 2 days intensive session to discuss how can we make that possible and analyse how can we get companies involved and which kind of support we can offer from VET colleges.

The results of this meeting and the continuous work of teachers and project partners, will be seen next Autumn, when a seminar on industry 4.0 will be organised by each partner to keep on raising awareness on industry 4.0 and the changes it involves.

Keep updated in the project Website:


In the framework of the EURspace Project (, HETEL abantean is in Vilnius (Lithuania) with its colleagues from Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Italy to work in the development of a learning outputs matrix to find those ones common (and different) in the curriculum of cookery and bakery courses, levels 3-4 EQF.

The intention of this work is to facilitate mobility and recognition of competences across the EU, starting with this pilot project in the mentioned areas.

More info to come in our Website and Facebook page:

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