Discussing professional 4.0 competences at HETEL Technological Triangles (HHTEK)

Throughout this week, more than 300 people will debate in HETEL schools about the necessary skills to face the technological advances in the 4.0 Industry era. This action is part of the European Vocational Skills Week, which this year has as claim “Discover your talent”.

In each of the 21 participating HETEL Schools, a group of three agents (students, teachers and employers) will debate, and then, they will connect by videoconference to share their reflections with two other schools, which have already performed the analysis. All these conclusions, will be collected by HETEL.

In these debates, the participants will try to answer questions such as what are the key competences people should have in a changing environment?, Can these competences be acquired in a VET School? What values ​​should be taken into account when making a new contract?. The current speed of change, specially the technological one, entails that much of the knowledge learned in the school is soon obsolete, which makes more than ever necessary a lifelong learning process, and accentuates the importance of certain transversal competences.

These debates involve companies such as Euskaltel, Ikusi, RPK, Goimek-Danobat, CIE Egaña, Jema Energy S.A (Irizar Group), Elimotor Workshops, Prasa, Noraybio, Wolco, Batz Araluce, Ekin, …


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