Towards a better internacionalization

Mobility programmes like Erasmus+ or Global Training offer the possibility to some VET students and graduates to have a working experience in a different country. This not only increases their opportunities to find a job (and a better one) but it also builds in them the concept of global citizenship and provides them with useful skills to manage their personal and professional lives.

In order to prepare these VET students and graduates to take the best out of these experiences, VET teachers need to have the skills to:

         –  Integrate intercultural skills and internacionalization directly in the VET curriculum, so all students develop these skills on a certain level.

          – Be aware of mobility possibilities, programmes existing, process management and transversal aspects of the mobility for learning.

          – Explore different ways of work based learning abroad and how competences can be recognised.

To upscale the teachers skills to improve the impact of mobility and to integrate internationalization as a fundamental aspect in VET curriculum, HETEL international is attending these days to the kick-off meeting in Cologne of the WBL Summer School, a project coordinated by UNISER (Italy) with German, French, Portuguese and Slovenian partners.

During these 2 days meeting, we have been working in the design of the structure and learning objectives of this summer school, which will be held in Italy the last week of June 2018.

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