CyVETsecurity kicks-off in Tallinn!

VET organizations from Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, the Basque Country, Estonia and Finland, coordinated by HETEL, have met these past 2 days in Tallinn to launch the CyVETsecurity project.

CyVETsecurity, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme from the European Commission, aims to increase the awareness of digital perils and the necessity of information and data protection across all kinds of professionals by developing training materials addressed to VET teachers in order to increase their own knowledge and competences (and those from their students) on cybersecurity, counting also with the collaboration of technical experts and companies.

From HETEL´s side, Maristak and Egibide VET colleges are taking part in the project, being 2 of their teachers part of the team developing the training materials and in charge of the transference of the collaborative methodology to the rest of the teachers in the project.

We have just started the project, but we came back from Tallinn with a very good feeling about what we will be able to do in the next 2 years!

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