SIMPLY INCLUDED is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to reach out migrant students or graduates in VET to share their stories in the path to education and the labour work in order to guide and inspire other migrants who may feel reflected in them.

The project aims to empower migrants all over Europe by sharing videos of those stories. Besides, we will also produce a toolkit to be used by VET teachers in order to facilitate a more inclusive education. Complementing this work, a group of teachers will also go to Iceland to receive a training in diversity management by one of the most prestigious trainers in Europe (Intercultural Iceland). At the end of the project we will also produce videos focusing on the job application process for a migrant in the different partners countries: Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Spain and Slovenia.

The partners of the project have experience working together in the SIMPLE project, which was the seed of SIMPLY INCLUDED. From HETEL we are also involving our associated VET school, Centro Formativo Otxarkoaga, who will lead the development of the toolkit in the project. Great to have you on board Ana and Kepa!

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