Training teachers in digital skills in Prague

The DigiSchool Erasmus+ project, a European initiative aimed at enhancing the digital skills of vocational education and training teachers, in which HETEL is involved as a partner, recently held its third Learning, Training and Teaching Activity (LTTA) in Prague.

From June 20 to 22, 22 participants from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Euskadi gathered at the Institut Impro facilities to participate in this formative activity. The event also included the participation of attendees in the DisCo Microsoft conference, where the impact of artificial intelligence on education was discussed.

This meeting offered teachers the opportunity to improve their knowledge of digital tools and share experiences with colleagues from all over Europe. Attendees were able to learn how to use various digital tools, creating specific content for their students. They were also presented with the documents generated within the DigiSchool project, which they could download and start using.

Reactions to the LTTA in Prague have been very positive. Participants highlighted the value of the conferences and the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries as the most interesting aspects of the event.

Looking ahead, the DigiSchool project is focused on finalizing the following outcomes: DigiTube and DigiHub. DigiTube will consist of micro-learning units in the form of short and attractive videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate and use innovative digital tools to solve specific problems. DigiHub, for its part, will be a centralized online learning platform that will allow teachers to self-assess their knowledge of digital tools and access all the didactic material of the project.

Once these outcomes are completed, a pilot will be carried out with 130 teachers from all over Europe before opening the results to the general public. This represents an exciting step towards achieving DigiSchool’s objectives: to equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world and effectively impart this knowledge to their students.

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