Approaching the Artificial Intelligence in VET

Last week HETEL Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea hosted in Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa (Zarautz) the meeting of eVET4AI Erasmus project partners (ITKAM, Confindustria Veneto – SIAV, HETEL, ECOLE, Cooperation Bancaire pour L´Europe (BE), Qualifizierungszentrum Region Riesa GmbH (DE)).

The EVET4AI project aims to provide new digital tools to trainers active in mechanical training courses in the development of new digital skills and confidence in the use of new teaching methodologies.

During the meeting, we discussed about the 2 approaches followed by the project: Artificial Intelligence applied to training, focused on how artificial intelligence can improve training provision, follow up and guidance, and training for Artificial Intelligence, about which are the main technologies applied in the metalworking sector, how they are applied, the purpose and the competences necessary to do it.

In the next months, the first training materials will be available in the project platform, accessible in:


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