Transnational meeting of the In-Di project in Bilbao

In-Di is an Eramus+ KA2 project aimed to work, from different perspectives, on how to support students´ wellbeing in vocational schools to keep them engaged and motivated with learning.

From May to mid-September, the project partners collected feedback from almost 1000 VET students in different EQF levels (but mostly level 3) to have an idea of their current wellbeing at school, how situations at home and in previous schools may have influenced them, and what they appreciate and what they miss in the schools they attend to at the moment. Although with some differences among countries (Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia and Basque Country), the main factors they point out as key for their well being are: exams and assignments calendar, the role of the teachers and the class atmosphere. Suggestions given on how to improve their situation are: more empathetic and available teachers, more sensible exams calendar and dedicated workshops on team building, time management or emotional management.

In the case of HETEL, the school involved in the project is Colegio Ángeles Custodios, in Bilbao, which hosted this meeting, involving students from VET EQF level 1 who gave a great presentation about what they do in class and offered the meeting participants delicious food prepared by them. This wonderful hosting definitely helped to our successful meeting!

Next time we will meet in Latvia to exchange on the strengths of each of our VET systems to support students and to identify possible actions to put in place in each country to keep accompanying our students in the best possible way.

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